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Frequently asked questions...

What to do if I suspect I have Autism?

What to expect when completing an initial questionnaire for my GP-

What if I am rejected for an Autism assessment?

First - write down a few simple points about why you believe this too be the case and include some examples. You could also take along any documents you feel to be relevant 

Second - approach your GP and talk them through the above and ask for a referral for an assessment

Some GP's ask you to complete a very brief screening questionnaire and this is probably what to expect...

Autism Spectrum Quotant Questionnaire link - 


Visit this for the questionnaire and fill it in

First - don't feel despondent!!!! It does NOT mean you are NOT Autistic - but consider WHY you want a diagnosis?

Second - Ask for a second opinion from another Doctor

Third - If still no luck then contact Auti.Ms. We are here to advise and help!

I have a diagnosis, now what?

It is your decision what to do next - there are a variety of options:

- Join online Autism Communities

- Ask your GP

- Refer to the Internet to find out more about Autism to try to understand yourself and the condition better

You can chose to share or not share your diagnosis with family, friends, colleagues..