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Social relationships and play
  • Immature, naive and easily conned - may cause friendships to breakdown

  • Loyal, empathetic, supportive but can be overly trusting, honest and misunderstand dishonesty/manipulation of others but easily forgives

  • Tendency of oversharing, frank and literal

  • One main friend or fixate on certain people, often dependant on mother

  • Not ‘quite’ fitting in or ‘picking up’ conversations - feel trapped between wanting to fit in but wanting to be unique and 

  • Needy or controlling, have a strong sense of purpose or monopolies conversations - may cause isolation

  • Take on the personality of those they are with (social confusion) also named camouflaging.

  • Passive in groups and may find it difficult to make friends, may be shy

  • May have much older or younger friends

  • Powerful and ‘odd’ imagination, intense role play and know how to escape 

  • Enjoy being with others and value friends but may still feel isolated and get overwhelmed

  • May have difficulty with eye contact, proximity of body, focus on a topic, tone of voice… although may not

  • Shifting interests

  • Highly sensitive but intuitive

  • Black and white thinking